Ongoing advances in Print On Demand and e-book technology present a whole new world of possibilities to authors and independent publishers alike.

The use of social media, the blogosphere, and other non-traditional means of communication are systematically eliminating barriers that once prevented all but the most established authors from reaching a broad readership.

Just a few of many news items pointing to the pervasive strength of these trends:

- A recent article from Print CEO details how established publishers are positioning their organizations to keep track with the new realities of the marketplace, and how fledgling authors are taking advantage of these changes.

- This item from the Media Bistro covers the dramatic rise in e-book sales.

- Bookseller posted an interesting look at how the latest Apple iBooks platform makes it possible for fully illustrated titles to be viewed in high definition on iBook-supported e-reading devices.

- This New York Times piece confirms that Stieg Larssonís mega-hit, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, has become the first book to reach a million digital sales.