Fables From The Mud

by Erik Quisling

At long last come the tales of perhaps the three greatest invertebrates who ever lived... Fables from the Mud compiles the triumphant accounts of three modern-day invertebrate heroes and their tireless quests for self-revelation:

"The Angry Clam" reveals the trials and tribulations of a clam struggling with the absurd reality of his own impotence.

"Adventures of Glen in My Stone Garden" is the story of a cynical ant whose view of the world is turned on its head by the discovery of a magical stone garden.

"Grant's Tomb" is the tale of a great warrior worm who, despite having achieved everything he'd striven for in life, is still left feeling empty and alone.

Fables from the Mud is a mix of hard truths, humor, and compassion...as disturbing as it is illuminating. It is life.

Gideon's Sword   by, Douglas Preston , Lincoln Child
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