Tori Quisling, M.Ed

A professional clairvoyant reader and healer for the past two decades, Tori Quisling was recently profiled in the New York Daily News for her prowess with house healings. In her dual capacities as author and teacher, she has worked at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, written and edited articles for The Psychic Reader, and managed Deja Vu and Power Places Tours, two leading spiritual tour companies in California.

Tori holds a Masterís Degree in Education and has taught in private and public schools for over fifteen years. She has dedicated an additional Masterís in Expository Writing to the pursuit of helping many writers overcome creative blocks using clairvoyant energy communication.

Tori has also worked with middle and high school students to help them better understand their sensitivities and abilities, and how their relationships and decisions are influenced by these forces.

Toriís written work has been featured in The Psychic Reader, investigating spirits in The Winchester Mystery House and local power sites around the San Francisco Bay Area. She has applied her extensive knowledge of aromatherapy to writing pieces for the Herbs and Aromatherapy Column for The Psychic Reader. Working closely with Marcel Lavabre and Michael Scholes at Aroma Vera, she assists in oil blending and teaches intuitive aromatherapy workshops in Port Washington and New York City.

Toriís new book, The Intuitive Practitioner, will be published by Upaya House in 2012.


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